What we can do?

CUADRUM is your professional fact provider

CUADRUM develops your online survey tool on the basis of individual software, which can be used within the company, but also as a market research tool for customers. Precise data is easily gathered – from employee satisfaction to product innovation to a complete “Customer Journey Map”. The results are made available, transparent and in real time, to all levels of your organisation. With this information advantage, CUADRUM can reform – in certain cases even revolutionise – your business processes.

Put your customer (back) into the spotlight

With the help of CUADRUM, you consistently align all levels of your customer contact to one factor: Customer satisfaction. Data is recorded in real time and individual reactions made possible. Moving away from traditional debriefing, future corporate actions are tailored to the customers’ needs – in real time. Complete strategies and tactics can be implemented on the basis of verifiable information to enthuse your customers, goal-oriented on all levels.

CUADRUM inspires

From medium-sized businesses to DAX-listed companies: CUADRUM is your modern compass to active customer-oriented action. Customer enthusiasm needn’t be a coincidence – create it as a result of new and up-to-date information. Challenge CUADRUM!

Need more information? Contact us.

The goal of the CUADRUM website is to provide you with extensive information about CUADRUM’s competence. As our métier can be very individual due to different requirements, many questions may remain unanswered. Feel free to contact us—by phone or e-mail—and we will inform you individually. We would also be happy to consult you personally.

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