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Placing a company’s focus on the customer is more than service: It is essential! The customer’s experience with your product or service defines your business success. This is where CUADRUM’s “Enterprise Feedback Management” (EFM) comes in. Up til now, questionnaires or similar statistics merely served as debriefers. Today, EFM thinks ahead…


Everything alright with your employees?

The performance of your employees increases with their motivation. If things aren’t running smoothly, you will see it in your company outcome. Open feedback is not always given. Hierarchies, often present in middle management as well, prevent this. Here, an anonymous survey tool is the remedy. Often times you will also receive valuable suggestions for improvement.

That’s why employee surveys play a significant role in large enterprises: The communication channel within EFM allows for feedback from the bottom up. It provides you with a vertical overview of your organisation and shows the need for change in a timely manner.


analysis supplier satisfaction

Is everything running smoothly with supplies and their delivery?

How are things working at the loading ramp? Are there many papers to be filled out—perhaps too many? How fast is the unloading procedure and how energetic are the employees’ efforts to participate? Is the warehouse large enough or is space very limited?

Large enterprises are highly dependent on subcontractors—“time is money”especially applies here. To find out if all is working well and—if not—where there is room for improvement, we recommend utilising Enterprise Feedback Management EFM.


Customer Satisfaction:
Are your customers happy?

Is your product perfectly placed on the market? Are you recognised as an innovative company? And: Are your employees and departments handling customers as you demand it?

The customers’ (un)satisfaction is often expressed (too) late. Get a feel for your customers in advance. Enterprise Feedback Management EFM provides results in real time and allows for quick reactions, especially when action is necessary.


Education and Training:
Are your employees well trained for their tasks?

Is there little understanding within the company? Do your employees understand your customers? Are they technically up-to-date? Many questions arise, often being kept secret from higher offices—for fear of retaliation or being downgraded.

Anonymous online surveys help bring light into darkness. Upon request, employees can bring forth criticism and suggestions to improve their education level. Your customers profit from this—and lastly your organisation as well. Use Enterprise Feedback Management to take greater advantage of knowledge as a form of resource.


Marktforschung, analyse-veranstaltung

Evaluate Events:
What was your method of transportation to our event?

Is your event easily accessible by car or public transportation? Is the location popular? Examining just this one aspect alone can define its future success.

Of course, questions can be extended to all matters regarding your event. Enterprise Feedback Management EFM answers your questions at the source.


Decision Making Criteria:
On which criteria are your decisions based?

What is right? What is wrong? Who decides and based on what? Get in touch with your organisation’s or customer’s decision process.

Making decisions is different for everyone and not always are they based on pure facts. On the other hand, one cannot merely rely on one’s gut feeling. If decisions within your company are made too late or not at all, the basis on which decisions are made is worth investigating with EFM.


Personnel Recruiting:
In which categories do candidates resp. applications fall into?

How to manage the whole pile of applications? What is the quality of each application? Which applicant fits into the team based on his qualification and which one based on his social competence?

To control the amount of applications—especially in large organisations—CUADRUM recommends its applicant sorting management within the Enterprise Feedback Management EFM. The positive effect? A fast and precise overview, saving money and making personal recruiting more efficient.


Ziele Marktforschung, analyse-adress-gewinnung

Collecting Contact Information:
Which contact information collecting options are available for your company?

How to obtain new contacts? How to reach the target group? There are many ways to accomplish this, but not all are affordable. Use modern market research tools to find your optimal method.

New contacts—preferrably in large quantity—are a valuable asset and the collecting of such possibly an expensive endeavor. Not with Enterprise Feedback Management EFM: Make the right choice by sounding out the contact collecting tool that fits your needs, right from the start.


Company Image:
How do customers and/or the public eye perceive your company?

Is your enterprise making the right impression on you or your employees? Doesn’t one often see oneself too positively? Is your name still pleasantly ringing in your customers’ ears? What is your image like on the market and among competitors?

To discreetly, yet thoroughly, query your image, Enterprise Feedback Management EFM from CUADRUM is the appropriate option. Use our “antennae” for your strategic direction and align your image consistently to success.


Success of your Product:
Which role does your product play on the market?

Is your product well received on the market? Is it going downhill? Or is its star falling once more? Perhaps it is again in need of improvement?

These questions occupy entrepreneurs time and again, since a product determines success or failure of the whole company. Ask the market itself what it thinks about your product, to act without delay, e.g. to prolong your product’s life cycle and/or avoid taking cash cows prematurely from the market. Enterprise Feedback Management is your “stethoscope” on the pulse of the market.

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