Online-MarketingNäher an Ihrer Zielgruppe.Real facts and figures. This is our métier.
Get to know your target group
and profit from verifiable information.
Get in contact with your target group.You would like details? We contact and consult
your desired target group discreetly on our behalf.
Direct questions – real answers.
On a stickorin a cone
Concrete results from your target group.You would like to strengthen the relationship
with your target group? We consult them on your behalf
and present you with valuable information.
Customer Journey MapHonest answers from your target group.Honest answers are crucial and reflect the current state
of your target group. We provide you with a reliable
and valid overview.

Welcome to CUADRUM.

Market Research: Surveys tailored
to your specific needs.

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” Isaac Newton was already aware of the fact that ignorance predominates knowledge. Bring light into the dark—with “Enterprise Feedback Management” from CUADRUM. CUADRUM delivers honest results—in real-time. Align corporate actions to the “satisfaction” factor: Satisfaction of your customers, but also the satisfaction of your suppliers and employees. All parties concerned participate in helping business thrive. With “Enterprise Feedback Management”, all company levels can react in real-time based on individual results.

Utilise CUADRUM as the strategic compass to your daily actions and profit from your new knowledge advantage.


Focus: Employee Satisfaction

The satisfaction of a company’s employees is a crucial factor for success. CUADRUM anonymously determines straightforward and strong results for your decision making. More…


Focus: Customer Satisfaction

Provide your customers with this perfect tool to find out more about their satisfaction. This information is systemic for your business. More…


Focus: Supplier Satisfaction

A smooth workflow provides for effectiveness. Be advised by your suppliers by consulting them. Use neutral feedback from the outside for assistance. More…


Focus: Knowledge Tests / Quizzes

Quizzes are popular—not only on TV. Utilise guessing games for your company to inspire customers. Direct contact is your reward. More…


Focus: Online Job Applications

Manage job applications safely and with a targetted approach. Maintain an overview and make a name for your business as a model company. More…


Focus: Plan/Evaluate Events

Coordinate planning staff and maintain an overview over major events—CUADRUM offers this from one source. More…

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