Who are we?


CUADRUM is a modern software company, providing services for medium-sized business as well as for DAX listed enterprises. Company founder Heiko Großmann has gathered a team of specialised software developers with more than 10 years of experience, proving itself time and again in an always changing and growing market.

Your “Company Improvers”

Our positive experiences with large companies like Daimler Benz show that custom software solutions from CUADRUM for (online) market research have a positive affect on the company outcome of CUADRUM customers. Equipped with the right answers to essential questions, our customers align their processes anew and secure the foundation for future success. Employees are more motivated and undesirable developments are quickly recognised and corrected. We will assist you in increasing your performance power.

CUADRUM works in real-time

Time is a human’s most valuable resource, and in business management, time is money. To generate results in real-time and not in retrospect: This service provided by CUADRUM is highly valued by our customers. Challenge CUADRUM. We look forward to hearing from you!

Reliable information is absolutely needed for the success of an enterprise. Christopher Columbus (1451 – 1506)

Need more information? Contact us.

The goal of the CUADRUM website is to provide you with extensive information about CUADRUM’s competence. As our métier can be very individual due to different requirements, many questions may remain unanswered. Feel free to contact us—by phone or e-mail—and we will inform you individually. We would also be happy to consult you personally.

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