EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management)

How does it all work?

Placing a company’s focus on the customer is more than just service: It is essential! The customer’s experience with your product or service defines your business success. This is where CUADRUM’s “Enterprise Feedback Management” (EFM) comes in. Up til now, questionnaires or similar statistics merely served as debriefers. Today, EFM thinks ahead…

Be proactive—on every level

The definition of “Enterprise Feedback Management” from CUADRUM is more than just conducting surveys or generating statistics. Until now, only a close circle within most organisations  had access to the generated Customer Experience data. Today the process is democratised. EFM now provides wide access and makes especially the use of the generated data possible on every level.

One for all—all for one

The advantage of providing wide access is obvious: All departments receive direct feedback and improvement possibilities. Thus, all departments can react in real time. This could be a fast reaction to negative customer feedback or the famous extra-mile a customer didn’t expect. Steer your corporate actions with EFM towards the most important factor: Your customers.

Real feedback—in real time

“Enterprise Feedback Management” provides your company with an overall picture of your customers’ experience by collecting data in real time. For this, it is necessary to capture all parameters relevant for your corporate success by consulting customers at the contact points. This exceeds by far a traditional survey. Thus, passive data, e.g. from geo-localisation, is also incorporated, without the need to actively request it from customers. The analysis based on a combination of various data resources makes all the difference: With EFM you obtain multi-dimensional feedback on your customers’ experience.

Fine tuning for the future

Rediscover your business and align your strategies directly to your customers’ experience! What may (still) be often intuitively possible in small companies, may demand active management within a large corporation, with many departments and employees: “Enterprise Feedback Management”. Utilise CUADRUM: We will happy to advise you!


Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

Don’t leave customer and employee motivation to chance: Align your business tactics and strategies to the answers EFM generates—with success.


Custom Solutions Per EFM-CUADRUM

Let CUADRUM customise your Enterprise Feedback Management. Find solutions that fit your processes 100 % and efficiently provide for real improvements.


Rent The EFM-System

You have recognised the power of Enterprise Feedback Management? Utilise its widespread use by renting CUADRUM’s EFM-System.


Buy the EFM-System

You would like to permanently install Enterprise Feedback Management into your business? Utilise its widespread use by purchasing CUADRUM’s EFM-System.


User Training

To utilise CUADRUM’s Feedback Enterprise Management System, we train you and/or your employees on location. Save yourself driving distances.


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You have questions about the use or mode of action of Enterprise Feedback Management and would like extensive advise? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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