What does CUADRUM stand for?
We are not making it a secret

What does CUADRUM stand for?

Market Information in Real-time

Management Consulting Tool

CUADRUM sees itself as a modern form of consulting and analysis. With individual software, we evaluate operational procedures, customer contacts and countless other factors, of which the measurement and assessment are significant contributors to the success of your company. Honestly and goal-orientated.

Where Facts Count

CUADRUM provides you with verifiable facts as a foundation for correct decision making. We proceed with discretion upon request and count on mutual trust from the beginning on.

Results in Real-time

CUADRUM conducts market, product and internal corporate research: Find out what your customers and employees think with specifically targeted online tools. Fast and easy.

Human Assessment Factor

CUADRUM democratises your market research: Integrating your employees brings knowledge and expertise together, and CUADRUM motivates all levels to contribute to the joint success. CUADRUM creates transparency and democratises. Challenge CUADRUM – for your market research in real-time!

Need more information? Contact us.

The goal of the CUADRUM website is to provide you with extensive information about CUADRUM’s competence. As our métier can be very individual due to different requirements, many questions may remain unanswered. Feel free to contact us—by phone or e-mail—and we will inform you individually. We would also be happy to consult you personally.

Your Information Advantage

Information is the foundation on which every decision is based upon. And before making decisions, one factor must be able to be counted on: reliable data.

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Customer Opinion

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